Real-Time Time-Dependent Electron Dynamics

Documentation on the real-time time-dependent self-consistent field (RT-TDSCF) electron dynamics calculation of molecular properties.

Feature List

Available spectroscopies

  • UV/Vis and/or X-ray electron absorption (EAS)
  • UV/Vis and/or X-ray electronic circular dichroism (ECD)


  • non-relativistic one-component (1c) Hartree-Fock (HF) and Kohn-Sham (KS)
  • relativistic 2c HF/KS with the X2C transformed one-electron Dirac Hamiltonian (1eX2C)
  • relativistic 4c matrix/modified Dirac-Hartree-Fock (mDHF) and Dirac-Kohn-Sham (mDKS)
  • scalable speed of light

DFT non-collinear functionals

  • local (SVWN5)
  • GGA (PBE,BLYP,KT2,BP86,PP86)
  • hybrid (PBE0,B3LYP)

Reference wave function models

  • Kramers restricted determinant for closed-shell singlets

Equation-of-motion solvers

  • Magnus propagator with a self-consistent extrapolation-interpolation scheme

External electric field models

  • analytical representation of the Dirac delta impulse
  • Gaussian-type impulse
  • monochromatic cosine wave with/without a linear envelope

Integral evaluation techniques

  • analytic with an in-built restricted kinetic balanced (RKB) condition for the small-component
  • resolution-of-the-identity for the Coulomb two-electron term (RI-J)
  • one-center approximation for the SSSS-type electron repulsion integrals

Additional features

  • selective perturbation/response
  • molecular orbital analysis of spectroscopic transitions
  • parallel execution on shared-memory parallel architectures (SMPs)

Related Publications

M. Repisky, L. Konecny, M. Kadek, S. Komorovsky, O. L. Malkin, V. G. Malkin, and K. Ruud
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L. Konecny, M. Kadek, S. Komorovsky, O. L. Malkina, K. Ruud, and M. Repisky
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Program Reference

M. Repisky, S. Komorovsky, M. Kadek, L. Konecny, U. Ekstrom, E. Malkin,
M. Kaupp, K. Ruud, O. L. Malkina, and V. G. Malkin
ReSpect: Relativistic spectroscopy DFT program package
J. Chem. Phys. 152, 184101 (2020)

Additional contributions from
R. Bast (AutoCMake), R. Di Remigio (PCMSolver), I. Malkin-Ondik (DKH2), and S. Knecht (MPI parallelization)

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